Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers
Steps for Making Reservations (We Accept Reservations One Month in Advance)

1. Please send us the following documents to make a reservation

  • a. Confirmed plane ticket (e-ticket)
  • b. Copy of passport
  • c. Copy of ID card (for Thais)

2. Please fill in Reservation Form Part 1 (we will send you the link if we have a room available)

3. Payment of full amount is required to secure your reservation, no cancellation is allowed once payment is settled.

Payment can be made by the following methods:

  • 3.1 Provide a credit card number and expiry date
  • 3.2 Bank transfer/wire transfer of the full amount to Princeton Bangkok Hotel account (guests shall bear all transfer fees)

(Should you require a receipt, please notify us and we will issue your receipt one day before you check out).

4. A Hotel Confirmation will be issued once payment is received. Please sign the Hotel Confirmation and send it back to us. Please present the Hotel Confirmation to the Thai Embassy in your country to obtain a Certificate of Entry (COE). At this point, we will also send you a link to Reservation Form Part 2 to fill in and send back to us.

5. Please follow the guidelines by the Thai Embassy and airlines regarding Covid Test Results and Fit to Fly documents 72 hours before departure.

6. You are required to email all documents (COE, Covid Test Result, Fit to Fly) to Princeton Hotel immediately for reference before your departure.

Package Prices

The package price is per person
*(Children under 12 years old will be charged 70% of the price listed below):

a. Superior Room (27 sq.m.) Twin bed set up
Price: Adults 27,000 Thai Baht per person
*Children (under 12 years) 18,900 Thai Baht per person
Single occupancy only

b. Deluxe Room (40 sq.m.) – Random Twin and Double bed set up
Price: Adults 30,000 Thai Baht per person
*Children (under 12 years) 21,000 Thai Baht per person
Can accommodate up to 2 family members.

c. Executive Room (45 sq.m.) – King size bed set up – 1 bedroom/1 living room
Price: Adults 33,000 Thai Baht per person
*Children (under 12 years) 23,100 Thai Baht per person
Can accommodate up to 2 family members.

d. Family Suites (63 sq.m) – 1 King size bed and 1 Twin bed set up – 2 bedroom/1 living room
Price: Adults 38,000 Thai Baht per person
*Children (under 12 years) 26,600 Thai Baht per person
Can accommodate maximum 2 adults and 2 children (under 12 years)

• Full board (3 meals per day). If you have a special dietary need, please advise us in advance.

• Cable TV

• Free WIFI

• Drinking water, coffee, dairy creamer, sugar

• Shampoo, liquid soap, detergent

• Digital thermometer, alcohol gel, face masks, slippers

• One-way transportation from airport to hotel

• 24-hour registered nurse on duty

• Covid-19 Testing by RT-PCR (two times on days 5 and 12) per person

Please note: Thai nationals are strongly suggested to get a Covid-19 Test by RT-PCR method before departing country of origin; other wise, 4,000.- baht will be charged in advance for an extra Covid-19 test upon day of arrival at Princeton Hotel. This is a Princeton Hotel and collaborating hospital policy to protect all in-house guests from the Covid-19 virus.

Where are you located?

We are located at 59 Mitmaitri Road, Dindaeng (Vibhavadi Road), 20 km from Donmuang Airport, 30 km from Suvarnnabhumi Airport

Who Can Quarantine Together?

Yes, you are required to present an official marriage certificate to us upon reservation. All marriage certificates must be translated in English and signed by a notary.

For Thai nationals, a Thai marriage certificate is accepted. Both persons who quarantine together will need to sign a consent form for double occupancy quarantine.

Siblings aged 15 and above without parents must quarantine individually. Siblings aged below 15 years can quarantine with a parent(s) in our family suites.

Only if necessary. However, we strongly suggest all adults to quarantine individually for Covid protection reasons. All members must sign a consent form if needed to quarantine together.

Yes, families with small children can quarantine together. All members must sign a consent form to quarantine together.

Arriving at the Airport

You will be picked up by our staff at the airport. Please show your Certificate of Entry (COE) you received from the Thai Embassy and your Hotel Confirmation to the immigration. An airport staff will escort you to the gate where our hotel staff will be waiting with an ASQ Princeton sign board.

Number of Days to Quarantine

The first day you arrive in Thailand is counted as Day 0, you add another 14 nights = total of 15 nights. You can check-out the morning of day 16.

As of now, the government has not approved a 10-day quarantine.

Yes, you are required to stay in your room the whole time. You can only leave your room for scheduled Covid-19 tests on days 5 and 12 of your quarantine and scheduled relax times from Day 7 onwards (only if you have tested negative).


A nurse will be meeting you when you arrive at the hotel. You will be asked a few questions before checking-in to your room. Our hotel staff will carry your luggage up to your room while you are interviewed by the nurse.

We have nurses available on call (24 hours) and our call center (office hours) to provide assistance and make your stay as smooth as possible.

Please dial 1480, 1484, 1488, 1510 for assistance, and

Add two separate QR Codes to join the Princeton Line Official (for any assistance) and Nurse Line (to report your temperature)

Balcony and Windows

Yes, but we do not allow access to balconies as we are located in a residential area.

Yes, windows can open at 10 centimeters

Smoking Rooms

Yes, there is an additional 3,000 Thai baht surcharge for smoking rooms, which are located on the 14th floor

WIFI and Cable TV

Yes, we have free WIFI

Yes, we use a local cable TV provider, most channels are from the Asian region. 

No, a smart TV is not provided in the room.


All Family Suites, Executive, and Deluxe Rooms have microwaves. Superior rooms do not have microwaves, but can be requested if needed.

Bath tub
Hair Dryer

Yes, but please do not take it with you when you check out


We provide Asian, Western, and Vegetarian style food, which you are required to choose the style you prefer when filling in your reservation form.

Yes, when you arrive, you will receive a menu to choose from for the duration of your stay. 

Please note: Once you have submitted your selected menu, you can request to change with two days advanced notice.

Please let us know in advance when filling in the reservation form so we can inform our nurses and chef.

Room Service

Yes, room service can be ordered from 9am to 4 pm, but will be delivered at meal times (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) only.

Payment will be settled one day before check-out date by bank transfer or cash only. 

Purchasing items from 7-11 ( Order time 7am-4pm only)

Yes, you can. There will be a 10% service charge added to all purchases. You just need to show us a photo of the item(s) you wish to purchase. If we cannot find the size you ordered, we will purchase the nearest size available. We allow purchases of packaged snacks and foods, toiletries, milk, and soft drinks and only items available at from 7-11 stores in proximity to the hotel. All purchased items will be delivered at meal times only (i.e. breakfast, lunch, and dinner times only)

Please note: Alcohol and foods that cause upset stomach are not allowed such as spicy, sour, pickled foods.

The hotel will make an advance payment for your 7-11 purchases during your stay.  

We will ask you to settle payment one day before check-out date, by bank transfer or cash only. You can request for all receipts of purchases from the call center.

You can ask a relative who lives in Thailand to transfer the money for you.

Preferably not, but if there is no choice, we will accept US dollars only

Food Delivery Service and Ordering Online

Yes, you can, but we will open your delivered package to check for security reasons (government regulation). Please note: sharp items and alcohol cannot be ordered!!

Note to Relatives

No, relatives are not allowed to pick up items from you during quarantine (government regulation).

Yes, delivery of home cooked food and packaged snacks with FDA approval from family members only are allowed. Drop off time is from 9am to 4pm. The hotel will send up the items during meal times only.

Money Exchange Service and ATM
Swimming Pool and Fitness
Relax Area During Quarantine

After you receive your first “undetected” Covid lab test result (on Day 6), you may schedule your relax time (along with room cleaning) with the call center for Day 7 onwards. 

Please note that relax times and room cleaning must be booked one day in advance.

In the garden area (4th floor) and pool deck (4th floor), and 3rd floor (in doors)

No, you can book your relax time one day in advance only

Room Cleaning

After you receive your first “undetected” Covid lab test result (on Day 6), you may schedule for room cleaning (same time as relax time) with the call center for Day 7 onwards. 

Please note that room cleaning and relax times must be booked one day in advance.


You can request to have your room cleaned every 3 days.

Getting Tested for Covid-19 During Quarantine

You will get tested twice, on Day 5  and Day 12.  

Results will be reported to you within the next day of which you will receive a hard copy of the lab report.

You will be referred to Vibharam Hospital

(a network of Vibhavadi Hospital) immediately and be treated at the hospital until you are completely cured and test negative.

The person who tested positive will be referred to Vibharam Hospital (a subsidiary of Vibhavadi Hospital) immediately and the other person who did not test positive yet will remain under observation (at the same hospital) for another ten days (starting from the day the test result was reported).

All medical bills are at own expense (foreigners are required to have health insurance that covers Covid-19 virus disease.

Getting Ill During Quarantine

Our nurses from Vibhavadi Hospital will attend to your illness. If you need to consult a physician, our nurse will escort you to the hospital and bring you back to the hotel on the same day. The physician will determine whether you need to be admitted. All medical bills will be at your own expense.

Declaring Underlying Diseases

Yes, you need to declare any underlying disease and prescriptions you are taking for your own health benefit. The Hospital and Hotel will not be held liable for any illnesses.


The morning of Day 16, any time after 6 am

One day before check-out: Please schedule your check-out time and clear all extra expenses with the call center. If you need us to arrange for taxi service, please let us know at this point.

On check-out day:

When you are ready to check-out, please contact our Nurse or Call Center at ext. 1480, 1484, 1488, 1510 for assistance; or notify us through the Line Official group.

Let us know if you need assistance with your luggage, and we will send our staff up to help you. Please leave your luggage outside the room.

After we bring down your luggage, please proceed to the elevator number 2 and press floor “G” to exit to Lobby.

The Hotel will send you a certificate of completion of quarantine by the Ministry of Health by email or registered post two working days after you check-out.

Cancellation and Postponement

Full payment must be settled to make a successful reservation.
No cancellation allowed once payment has been made (exception for those who test positive before departure from country of origin, a 50% refund will be granted upon submission of a Covid-19 lab test result).
– If you wish to postpone, 1st postponement is free of charge, 2,000.- baht surcharge for 2nd and further postponements.